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Denver Health functions toward the implementation of the vaccination by offering self-service. The patients schedule their vaccination appointment by themselves.

Denver health vaccination drive was facing a hard time due to the insufficiency of patient records. Many citizens got vaccination from the healthcare who were not the regular patients. The IT system allowed anyone from the general public to put their name on the waitlist.

Dr. Ann Boyer, Chief Medical Information Officer, stated that “This was a very manual process for our IT teams using tableau over the database to pull thousands of names based on age and eligibility criteria and then enter them into a tool we built to send out an email with a scheduling code…

For our people to schedule online, they needed to make sure we did not have duplicate accounts, typically going through a process to verify identity with known information.”

She also explained how she used that database to send vaccine appointments to people. Unfortunately, though, this function was difficult to stay upkeep with older people.

There was a need for this system as pediatric vaccination were coming. Call centers would have hard time scheduling appointments for thousands of children.

The healthcare chart was comparatively lower in comparison to the adult population. So, they partnered up with the public school in the area. They aim to raise their pediatric MyChart rate by providing vaccination to more than ten thousand kids. She also explained that teenager over 16 got their vaccination using the old method. But, for kids, there was a need for a reformed system.

Epic’s open scheduling system will help Denver help get rid of this scheduling problem. Patients just need to click on the link to schedule their appointment by visiting the website.

This collaboration with EHR Vendor will enable patients to use healthcare tools. They can log into the MyChart patient portal and schedule directly from there. The new scheduling system will eliminate all the chances of discrepancies. In addition, the open scheduling system will serve as a powerful tool for vaccination.