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CareTeam used athenahealth’s EHR to scale its business. It made his clinicians speed up the technology.

CareTeam enhances the whole-patient care approach in association with athenahealth EHR. The association which offered primary care combines with a single EHR. This leads them to achieve high patient satisfaction scores. And also added up their portal adoption rates.

CareTeam is a primary care organization operating on-site. They also deal in near-site and share sites clinics for employees.

It takes a personalized approach to develop the whole-patient approach. Scott Parks is president and co-founder of CareTeam. He mentioned his vision to further scale their business across diverse markets.

He further added about his wish to better the coordinating patient care system. They wanted to induce this over many clinics to gain visibility into performance.

CareTeam’s vision is to put a heavy focus on addressing patients’ well-being. This was the specific reason that they turned to athenahealth. It will help to grow and improve operations at clinics.

Parks explained, “Implementing athenahealth would equip us to scale our practice. Additionally, the vendor’s [cloud-based] product would operate much more than an on-premise solution. And, we could avoid the hassle of managing server rooms and onsite IT specialists.”

The EHR vendor’s open API framework was a key factor in CareTeam’s decision. This will lead to better integration of other beneficiary technology systems. Also, the vendor’s interface would allow access to patient data. This would give a more holistic picture of the patient’s health.

There are also diverse electronic health record vendors on the market today. This forms Allscripts, athenahealth, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, Epic, Greenway Health, Medicomp Systems, Meditech.

It is also not needed to carve out large amounts of training time. The pandemic accelerated CareTeam’s commitment to the whole-patient care model. COVID-19 focused on the importance of treating underlying conditions like diabetes or obesity.

CareTeam encountered many positive results from implementing EHR and related technologies. The average patient satisfaction score also went up by 98%.

Hence, looking for partners who enhance and innovate their solutions is important. It specifies value-based care.