Modded medicine has come a long way – and one of its biggest challenges today is the provision of long-term care affordably and instantly. While resources to do the same in real life are dwindling, digital alternatives are coming up to take their place.

Digital therapeutics kits and apps are almost like constant companions in our journey toward better health. These smart algorithms seem to understand us better than ourselves – they also share these reports with health professionals and caregivers to make the process of being healthy more rewarding.

Not only chronic patients and individuals with intense mental disorders – yes, anyone can benefit from digital therapeutics! Many of these apps are designed to bring social and environmental factors into the mix when creating behavioral development plans. Which of these is best suited to your needs? Let us take a look. 

Everything To Know About Digital Therapeutics

According to most medical health professionals and researchers, digital therapeutics is a recent and emerging field of medicine that has brought virtual medicine to the surface like no other technology of modern times. Digital medicine in the form of virtual therapeutics can include remote patient monitoring, behavior interventions, deaddiction digital medicine, cognitive therapy, lifestyle disease management, etc. 

Digital therapeutics are trustable products and services because they rely on scientific, evidence-based therapies be they digital physiotherapy, experiential therapy, or a simple reformation of user mindset. Most digital therapeutics companies sprung up in the first half of the 2010s; however, the industry has once again gone viral thanks to the integration of AI in symptom checking, emergency consultation, medication tracking, patient report tracking, and so on.

Almost every chronic air patient irrespective of their condition can benefit from digital therapy. The focus of most of these apps is on behavior change, both for children and adults. Let us look carefully at the best digital therapeutics examples of recent years and how these ideas have contributed to the creation of some of the most successful digital medicine companies of the 21st century.

10 Best Digital Therapeutics Alliance Companies Of The Year

1. Omada Health

What Are Digital Therapeutics? Top 10 Companies in Digital Therapeutics in 2024
Omada Health

This customized digital therapeutics solution aims to make digital medicine as personalized for each user as possible. Omada Health has created a series of digital care products that doctors can select for their patients to treat and manage medical conditions. These include online coaching software, educational packages, and self-management dashboards using which patients can track their own physical and mental health behaviors.

Omada focuses on chronic disease management and behavior change. The company also works actively to prevent high-intensity emergencies for those suffering from chronic illness or mental disorders. 

2. Lark

Lark Health
Lark Health

Bridging the traditional gap between physical and mental health problems, Lark focuses on lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension in such a way that they are directly connected with the behavioral health of the patient. Lark makes use of the latest AI-integrated technology to provide digital coaching and remote behavior monitoring to users.

Additionally, Lark has been providing behavioral health counseling to users since 2020. The company has taken steps to ensure that this counseling is sensitive to the age, cultural, and demographic background of the user. One can easily say that the examples of digital therapeutics brought forward by Lark around the preventive side, with the main focus on smoking cessation, stress management, eating habits, weight management, etc.

3. Akili Interactive Labs 

What Are Digital Therapeutics? Top 10 Companies in Digital Therapeutics in 2024
Akili Interactive Labs

The word ‘Interactive’ realizes its true meaning on this app. Cognitive therapies, symptom checking, and regular assessment are presented enjoyably in the form of immersive video games and audiovisual assessment questionnaires. 

As a part of its digital therapeutics, Akili has recently started developing a brand new electronic medicine that can reach removed patients under the supervision of health professionals. Akili believes in behavioral treatment even for those with cognitive impairments – one of the most popular of these being the Endeavour RX. It was FDA-approved for children in 2020.

4. Propeller Health

What Are Digital Therapeutics? Top 10 Companies in Digital Therapeutics in 2024
Propeller Health

Dedicated to Dtx therapeutics for chronic illness patients, Propeller Health seeks to promote proactive behavior in long-term patients who must learn to live with their conditions. Propeller does not only provide healthcare solutions that simplify day-to-day struggles but also provides a platform for patients to share their experiences, make positive interpretations, and feel energized about their unified experiences. 

If you are a fan of holistic digital medical solutions, you are going to love Propeller Health. In Addition to these crucial soft skills, Propeller is capable of managing clinical data, pharmaceutical needs, behavior modification treatment plans, early symptom detection, etc. 

5. CureApp

What Are Digital Therapeutics? Top 10 Companies in Digital Therapeutics in 2024
Cure App

It is impossible to talk about successful digital therapeutics without touching upon the field of addiction. CureApp provides a modern solution to the changing face of this problem with an app dedicated to blood pressure management, corporate smoking secession, and cognitive behavioral training.

The app includes data collection tools and a self-report question using which individuals can register data about their day-to-day smoking and drinking behaviors. This data is then reviewed by a doctor who suggests treatment plans that can reduce and eliminate addictive behavior. The app itself includes such activities and challenges as well!

6. Cognoa

What Are Digital Therapeutics? Top 10 Companies in Digital Therapeutics in 2024
Cognoa Health

A perfect example of the versatility of digital therapeutics can be presented through the case of Cognoa. Cognoa is a part of the pediatric behavioral health industry and provides a Dtx platform for children and adolescents living with mental health conditions like autism, ADHD, childhood anxiety, conduct disorder, oppositional behavioral patterns, etc.

The goal of Cognoa is to increase the ability of the child to assimilate with the needs and conditions of their immediate surroundings that might be difficult for them to meet. It employs innovative technology to help the children understand themselves as well as for the parents to develop a clear view of the many limitations faced by the children at the moment. Cognoa includes symptom checkers for a mental health diagnosis as well as creative behavioral management solutions.

7. Kaia Health

Kaia Health
Kaia Health

Another brilliant app for physical digital therapy, Kaia covers many pain relief solutions and chronic conditions such as COPD, back pain, muscular deformities, skeletal weakness, etc. One of the most helpful solutions released by this company is the Kaia COPD Pulmonary Rehabilitation App in Europe in partnership with the Chiesi Group which came out in 2020.

The app itself includes digital coaching, rehabilitation exercises, and data collection tools. The Kaia Health kit, on the other hand, comes with a pain management package that not only looks at the specific disease at hand but also the overall well-being of the individual.

8. Canary Health

What Are Digital Therapeutics? Top 10 Companies in Digital Therapeutics in 2024
Canary Health

Integrate different aspects of your chronic care team in one place and connect with all of them through a centralized set of health data records, all thanks to the Canary Health patient portal. Canary Health has made provisions to make the patient the most active participant in their day-to-day health care decisions. Patients can also reach out to counselors and guides on the app for a third-person perspective on their health. 

Canary is also an amazing tool if you want to track patient progress over long periods and determine the individual elements that have led to patient growth or deterioration. Canary Health is not only preferred by physicians for individual patients but also by hospitals, nursing homes, and even corporate institutions. 

9. Mango Health

Mango Health
Mango Health

This is a mobile-based digital therapeutics option that mainly focuses on pharmacotherapy. Mango Health focuses on medication adherence and tracks regular and evolving medical needs over time, displaying the benefits and side effects of the same.

The beauty of this facility is that it combines branded patient medical support with the best digital health and wellness destinations in the country. Therefore it successfully integrates the three aspects of physical wellness in today’s age – medicine, educational awareness, and experiential therapy. Mango Health is super transparent not only about the diagnosis of its formulas but also about medication tracking, product shipment, and usage benefits for patients.

10. Livongo Health

Livongo Health
Livongo Health

Livongo offers a range of digital therapeutics services that help people with chronic conditions make behavioral changes. It is a positive and uplifting company that believes in the use of evidence-based health indicators to generate real-time feedback and prediction on the mental and physical health status of users. Additionally, Livongo also happens to be a great symptom checker with wearable devices, blood test kits, mental health questions, etc up its sleeve. 

Once a symptom has been diagnosed, the user can head on to personal health coaches to implement the holistic health plans and systems that Livongo can help set up for its users. It is a great solution both for adult patients as well as young children of any age group.


In the above blog, we have mentioned examples of digital therapeutics companies that have successfully brought about treatment revolutions for the patients of the digital age. Without a doubt, these digital medicine alternatives are accessible 24/7, a fact that automatically makes them more affordable and helpful than regular treatment options which usually cost a lot more. 

Many of these digital healthcare solutions are covered by medical insurance, but not all of them have achieved this status yet. Medical trend experts predict that over the next decade, more and more traditional physicians, psychologists, and counselors will start suggesting digital medicine to patients, especially children, giving a push to this industry and facilitating the development of even better medical interventions!