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Weststate will soon become a digitized health facility. It is in Queensland and will be available for service from 2023.

Rauland Australia will deliver nurse calls to digital hospital WestState. The total investment of A$60.5 million serves as a means for a concentric care platform. It will feature Raulands’s Concentric Care platform. This will comprise the Responder nurse call. It will be concerning the associated clinical workflow. Concierge Patient Engagement and Master Clock solutions are also functioning.

The nurse call system will enhance the communication flow. The new digital hospital needs a high level of accuracy. It will reduce response time, errors, and wasted effort. The gathering of data will feature convenient decision-making. Fall reduction management works to improve patient safety.

The concierge platform, on the other hand, will serve as an entertainment part. It tends to connect phone and internet services with bedside HiMed Cockpit.

Patients will get access to a care plan, test results, and also medical records.

Weststate aims to make a world-class digital hospital. There is a focus on giving a hotel experience to patients. It will open for service next year. It tends to feature 50 day and overnight beds. There will also be four theaters.

It will work at the forefront of technology. Kaushik Hazratwala, director and founder, explains that” they are taking a fully integrated systems approach that will enable unified data collection. The hospital will also measure key clinical performance indicators, as well as provide access to timely data to enhance staff and patient experience. It also emphasizes accountability via data analysis for making informed care decisions.”

Rauland’d nurse call system will be responsible for measuring response time. They will discuss the patients and receive attention.

They are also going to adopt Concierge patient engagement measures. The digital hospital will revolutionize patients’ experience overall. Surgeons will be able to speak to patients with bedside terminals. It is also more like a face-to-face consultation.

Rauland had contracts for the installation of the call system. It also speaks of a patient engagement system. The health providers in Queensland are also taking up the service.