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The east coast health system tends to offer lessons to create transformed offices. C-suite executives and health IT leaders are in the process of digital transformation.

Virtua Health brings about rapid digital transformation in their practice. It is a nonprofit community health system. The healthcare includes 5 hospitals 7 urgent care centers. The healthcare centers are around 280 plus locations in South New Jersey and Philadelphia.

The health care sector employs 14,000 people. There are 2,850 doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. It also provides health care to 1 million patients per year.

Virtua Health adopted digital technology. Earlier, it featured electronic health records for its inpatients and ambulatory cases. The health system also came across a convergence of factors. These factors, in a way, lead its journey towards digital transformation. The healthcare system successfully achieved the virtual death health onset in a few days.

The health system evolved during the pandemic’s first wave. The decentralized health initiative enhanced the functioning of the health system at the community level.

Virtua leaders don’t aim to consider digitization tools as an opt-in mechanism. Also, they significantly moved towards a digital approach to healthcare delivery.

Danielle Wilson is an Assistant Vice President of digital transformation at Virtua Health. However, she explains that “Many organizations define the meaning of digital transformation differently. While the hot tech buzzword is open to interpretation across the healthcare industry, the term represents an entirely different meaning to the patient.”

They deployed digital tools for foundational changes. They also utilized it in the process of caring for patients in their personal health journey. The staff learned the benefits of the virtual care model. They also came to establish the difference between in-person visits and virtual care.

Virtua Care held the vision to evolve and align a caring culture. The digital transformation paved the way to orient healthcare consumers. It also brought up the equilibrium between the delivery system of health care.

The digital transformation doesn’t reflect the attitude of avoiding humans. It is also the channel to bring in better engagement from the side of providers. Consumers favor digital engagement in their lives.