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The use of a sizable gaming table created especially for adults with cognitive problems.

The Hastings-on-Hudson, New York-based Andrus provides services and care to people with various forms of dementia. Negative behaviors that happen during downtimes are one of the main difficulties carers and residents encounter. Agitation and roaming are examples of these undesirable tendencies. In addition to comprehensive dementia treatment programs, items in the tool kit are beneficial.

To increase the number of tools available to carers, AOH established the Tovertafel on its memory care floor. The setup and technology deployment for the IT staff and maintenance team went smoothly, and encountered a few problems. Residents could experience the Tovertafel at prearranged times with the care team, and the device was a success right away. The care team did not expect the residents to use it to contribute in positive ways.

Some individuals who were less likely to participate were doing so. They were utilizing their hands and giving encouraging remarks. The fact that some of the residents remained engrossed in the programs. AOH has extended the usage of Tover to additional non-memory care floors. It has received comparable encouraging feedback on participant involvement and dementia treatment program immersion depth.

Quantitative statistics on the health consequences are still in the early stages. However, Beckford provides an overview of how technology has affected her residents. She remembered that they originally ordered one Tovertafel for our memory care floor. However, they immediately realized all our residents would enjoy and benefit from the activities.

As a result, they bought one Tovertafel for each floor, making a total of four. The technology has also assisted with apathetic states, which negatively affect physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being. Their residents report feeling more social and happier throughout the day and less fearful and depressed. They also move more while seated at the table. They can stretch further than they usually would or believe they could.