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Telstra Health opts for virtual health monitoring of international travelers

With the help of the health devices, the guest can easily track their health condition during their 14 days of quarantine.

Telstra Health has deployed the virtual health solution in the hotel quarantine sites in Tasmania. It will remotely monitor the condition of the international travelers who are staying under mandatory quarantine. During their 14 days of stay, they can conduct their daily check of the pulse, temperature, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation. Also, they can check their weight and glucose level if necessary.

Their data will then get uploaded with the help of Bluetooth to the Telstra Health MyCareManager applications. It is storing them in a monitoring platform. To avoid the complications related to technical support requirements, the government is handing over our pre-paired mobile devices. It will help the quarantined travelers.

Through the MyCareManager dashboards, the clinicians can review the observation trends. Also, they can check the variations and alerts. They can check the overall usage of the digital health devices of the guests. A care team will immediately help if it finds out that an individual is showing signs of urgent care.

At the same time, the guests who require more thorough care can go on with their follow-up. It will also provide mental health support with the help of video conferencing.

Telstra Health has said that it is quickly deploying its digital health solutions after getting a request from the Australian federal government. It will support returning travelers and seasonal workers. These suites of healthcare solutions can support up to 350 guests.  

With the activation of this facility, travelers can monitor and submit their health data. It will ease the burden of the health care teams. At the same time, this remote monitoring technique will also help to control the transmission of the virus to the caregivers.

Telehealth is among the digital healthcare services which the government is thinking of implementing in the future. In March, the Tasmanian health department partnered with another digital health form Cardihub to roll out the health all. The app has enabled patients with healthy diseases to undergo rehabilitation programs. They have received advice based on weeks through phone calls and video consultations.