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The Karuna Trust’s Tavarekere Urban Primary Health Center achieves HIMSS’s Stage 6. It became the first digitally transformed health care provider in the country.

Karuna Trust makes it to the list of digital transformation health care in India. Tavarekere becomes the country’s first to achieve HIMSS O-EMRAM. It made it to Stage 6 for the technology integrations. It is the Taverekere Urban Primary health center in Bengaluru.

With joining the global group, the trust will function with electronic patient records. The digital transformation will feature in a paperless environment. It also aims to drive improvements in all ambulatory care.

HIMSS congratulates the trust. It brings toward the incredible efforts trust adopted. The achievement was possible with hard work and dedication. The colleagues worked hard to adopt the medical records. The clinical team went above and beyond. They also completed the Outpatient Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model assessment.

HIMSS remarks on the healthcare Stage 6 validation. It also highlights the commitment to bring improvement in health care. The digital transformation describes the overall quality of clinical care. The health care also deployed the electrical medical record technology.

Healthcare also came forward with an integrated system. The system provides ease of access to patient’s health records. It will make the diagnosis easy for doctors and nurse staff. EMR will directly interface with all kinds of device records.

The digital transformation enables staff in symptom tracking in a pandemic. It also helps in making better clinical decisions. The providers can make use of drug-allergy checks, dose range, and others. The system will also facilitate internal communication and reminders.

The New O-EMRAM broadens to facilitate patient engagement. It will enhance virtual and remote care. The providers can also move ahead in clinical outcomes.

The Fakeeh Hospital received stage 7 validation last year. Also, it is the highest validation for the model.

Dr. Naik states, “Karuna Trust aims at making Tavarekere UPHC a model health center, so we wanted to improve the standards of the hospital and digitize the center to keep up with the modern advancements in the healthcare sector.”

The digital transformation brought by the Karuna Trust aims to broaden the reach of health care.