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ScionHealth and Cadence have collaborated on the development of the RPM system. It is for the benefit of chronic disease patients. The system will support chronic care.

ScionHealth is a system based out of Louisville. Cadence is a New York based tech company that works in healthcare. They have partnered together. They are also bringing in an RPM system. The system will debut in 18 hospitals in 12 states.

RPM stands for Remote Patient Monitoring system. Chronic disease patients in ScionHealth can get chronic care at their homes. They also don’t need to visit the doctor all the time.

The main goal of this partnership is to help treat patients with chronic diseases better. Better healthcare and less expense are major aims of this collaboration. Chronic care also should be the top priority.

The platform will take and manage the daily vitals of a patient. First, the patients should check their daily vitals. This can also be through digital devices or basic medical instruments. The data is then given to the care teams for analysis.

RPM will track some diseases first. The diseases are high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure, and pulmonary disease. Next, cadence will reportedly add more digital infrastructure. Then, this scheme can bring in more diseases.

Ambulatory patients will have support from the system when it rolls out. ScionHealth is also planning to expand its remote chronic care services. The services will also be available in all 79 hospitals in 25 states.

The pandemic was the biggest villain of chronic care patients. Their health started to deteriorate. They did not have access to RPM tools. This was also the main inspiration behind this venture.

RPM platforms and health devices helped patients a lot. But researchers have warned that one should be careful while using wearables. The patients should follow a set of simple rules. Otherwise, they can also become “a social determinant of health.”

CEOs of ScionHealth and Cadence are very positive about this move. Chronic care is one of the most important fields in healthcare. Both companies are doing fantastic work in this field.