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Henry Ford Health developed an Rx platform. The software meets the unique needs of patients. The platform also helps in pharmacy and patient care.

Henry Fold Health is a Detroit-based healthcare firm. They developed the Rx platform, a specialty pharmacy software, in 2013. The firm developed new software for some healthcare needs. However, the software is now available to use for other healthcare systems around the country.

Henry Ford Innovations announced the new Rx platform later this Friday. The name of the software is DromosPTM. This new software is now commercially available for healthcare customers in the nation. The pharmacies can also access it as well.

The software helps the pharmacy with some specific unmet needs. Also, the software helps coordinate various systems. The software coordinates highly-specific aspects of patient care and disease management. They are also linking the two important aspects of the healthcare industry.

The software helps with medicines as well. The software can also provide financial aid for costly prescriptions. However, these prescriptions primarily deal with chronic and rare conditions. The Rx platform can boost engagement within the patient community and doctors.

DromosPTM came to life at Pharmacy Advantage. Pharmacy Advantage is Henry Ford’s specialty pharmacy. The special pharmacy is also supported by CarepathRx. The technology developed here is already in working conditions at 7 specialty pharmacies.

David Shepherd is the CEO and President of Henry Ford’s Community Care Services. He also said that the platform helps healthcare firms upgrade their businesses. Organizations are finding the Rx platform of great help. DromosPTM removed the barriers like cost and authorizations. It helped generate more patient engagement.

Henry Ford Innovations came to life in 2011. It has around 30 licensing agreements. It also has a confirmed future revenue of around 100 million dollars. This part of the firm works primarily in the early stage. They are mostly involved with corporates.

The firms related to Henry Ford’s healthcare business are doing a great job. They are also helping to bridge the gap between patients and doctors. They are prioritizing care and pharmacy as part of the healthcare business. It is important as it helps customers come back for the same services. This makes the business profitable.