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Increasing COVID cases and increasing demands coincide with the original E&C hardship application. It is high time that MIPC data reweigh the worth.

CMS reweighing extends the deadline for the participation of physicians in MIPS. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services provided doctors participating in Merit-Based Incentive Payment System with more time. This is to utilize an excessive and uncontrollable circumstance (EUC) waive order. This also limits the negative impact of high-quality information on the funds.

The date extends to March 31 for the application of the MIPS EUC waiver. If the waiver gets granted, then the information will get reweighed to account for COVID 19 impacts. If the doctor teams submit information, they won’t get a penalty.

The applicants require to have an HCQIS Access Roles and Profile (HARP) account. This is also crucial for the completion and submission of the extended application.

According to CMS, Teams and virtual teams can’t apply to overrule data. The data submitted before or after application will get scored.

Only one performance category can get scored. The others will get weighed at 0%. The group or virtual team will also receive a final score equal to the performance threshold. Clinicians with the eligibility of MIPS will get a neutral payment adjustment. This will occur only if they have a higher score from individual or APM Entity participation.

MIPS eligible clinicians always receive the virtual group’s score. The American Medical Association agrees that physicians and administrative staff need flexibility. This is also important for filing a MIPS EUC hardship application due to a pandemic.

AMA Board of Trustees Immediate Past Chair Dr. Gerald Harmon stated, “As a result, physicians might have missed the opportunity to file for a hardship application and faced a payment adjustment.

The re-opening of the 2021 application period will give physicians, including APM participants, much-needed relief and better ensure they avoid a negative 2023 MIPS payment adjustment.”

Hence, quality data collection and reporting services are the true levels of performance.