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Paras Healthcare is opting for cloud technology to build an online platform for patients. They collaborate with MyHealthcare to digitally transform the healthcare ecosystem.

The aim is to create multiple patient engagement portals and AI-powered EMR systems for better patient care.

Paras Healthcare is a large group of specialized hospitals in India. However, they are initiating their first step toward telehealthcare with MyHealthcare.

The organization is opting for a MyHealthcare application to ecosystem built on a scalable cloud-based platform and witness a digital transformation. This will also help Paras hospitals to build different patient engagement platforms such as the Patient Portal, and Paras Patient Mobile App. However, it will help to WhatsApp channel connected to an AI-based ERM system to monitor and serve patients effectively.

Diwakar Bhowmik, the VP of MyHealthcare, designed their Enterprise Ecosystem to help hospitals and healthcare facilities improve the efficiency of the workforce and the efficacy of healthcare delivery. The Enterprise Ecosystem can also integrate with many other platforms and will help Paras Healthcare provide quality healthcare worldwide.

Paras Healthcare has a goal to pursue digital transformation in its facilities across its network of hospitals in Ranchi Gurgaon, Darbhanga, Patna, Udaipur, and Panchkula by the middle of 2023.

CIO Vineet Aggarwal of Paras Healthcare says we are trying to make a digital ecosystem to enable our staff to give better outcomes. This will make it easy for patients to take medical care and make an efficient system that makes it affordable for more patients to reach out to us.

He also noted in his statement that they have started seeing results in opting for the MyHealthcare ecosystem. Patients can now access the advanced EMR ecosystem across IP, OPandER”. It also gives patients the ability to apply for appointments online without going through the hassle of paperwork.

India is going through the phase of digital transformation. It is progressing very fast toward easy and online healthcare. Recently, healthcare like Karuna Trust, Apollo Hospitals, and 70 others got triple Stage 6 HIMSS digital maturity validations.