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The Northern Adelaide Local Health Network will develop a digital prenatal care system.

They’ve partnered with Personify Care to build the system. Pregnancy Online Platform NALHN (POPN) personalizes pregnancy care. It records clinical data from patients automatically. Then, it screens them and gives recommendations according to the stage of pregnancy.

The platform is much more reliable and hassle-free than the traditional method. For example, it relied on phone calls to triage risks for would-be mothers at their first consultation. Now, 91 % of users who gave birth with NALHN say that POPN was easier than their previous triage experience.

The digital pre-natal care platform reduces the burden on midwives and clinical staff. In addition, it increases attendance and fast-tracks appointments. Overall, it results in better midwifery care.

The project’s wider aim is to digitize other pregnancy services, including elective surgery. In addition, they plan to build digital systems to give pregnant women full support.

This is the latest case in the larger trend of digitizing healthcare. These digital implementations help patients with a variety of services.

Hospitals across Australia have adopted digital pathways. The Central Adelaide Local Health Network built a surgical pre-rehabilitation program. It’ll help patients about to undergo surgery. The Queen Elizabeth Hospital has digitized its Direct Access Colonoscopy program. Personify Care has helped with both digital transformations. It has also helped set up the home care program of St John of God Murdoch Hospital in Perth. The program now ranges from general surgery to specialist surgery wards.

The digital pre-natal care system adopts best practices in service delivery models.

Frontline clinical, nursing, and midwifery teams can use their expertise to determine the best for their patients. Hence leadership teams can fasten the execution of their digital agendas. As a result, they can lessen the burden on frontline staff and enhance care for their consumers.