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Nordic Interoperability Project (NIP) launching the program to facilitate unification in digital health. The program will remove the digital divide in healthcare.

The NordDEC program will believe in improving digital health standards across the nations. It will concern countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. In addition, this program will help in unifying the telemedicine technologies launched across nations.

The program will be beneficial for product developers. The technology owners will have a better parameter. It is to bring up the products and better market strategies. The organization for the review of care and Health apps (ORCHA) brought this innovative program. NIP and Nordic Health Industry are funding it together.

Nordic Council of Ministers agrees to bring up this program as the region aims to be the most integrated health region. The focus is also on maintaining digital health standards among the nordic populations. However, there are also risks involved in launching this program.

There are almost 350,000 digital health technologies in the telemedicine market with no digital health standards. There is just a lot of risk in the management system. Nordic countries are also unable to provide professionals with enough opportunity to channel digital health standards.

With the launch of the new program, it will resolve various issues. First, it will set the records straight for the establishment of common benchmark criteria. We will see all international best practices. Then, the countries will be able to allow accreditation. The program also goes over and above the region’s baseline.

To narrow it down, digital health products go through 500 measures. The access to data and technical securities offer clinical assurance. It discusses the usability so the technology will save them time and increase market penetration. There will also be the implementation of PEN and vulnerability testing. EHD also came up with a proposal of the same sort.

Anders Tunold-Hanssen, the NIP CEO, stated, “The Nordics is home to a vibrant and growing health tech industry. This program provides suppliers with an attractive platform to reach the whole of the Nordics healthcare system, breaking down current barriers to market access. The next stage will be the creation of a digital library for the Nordics, containing thousands of top-quality apps which healthcare professionals can use safely and confidently.”