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NHSX introduces a strategy to enhance patient safety with digital technology

The guide of NHSX aims to expand its access to better digital safety training for staff.

NHSX collaborates with NHS Digital, NHS Improvement, and NHS England. It has published its Digital Clinical Safety Strategy that will help the NHS to offer safer service to its patients through digital technology.

The guide is setting up a vision and recommendations. It will make the care safe for patients. It will use digital techniques to improve safety and to enhance its staff access to better digital safety.

The use of digital technology is quickly scaling up in the health and care service. It aims to improve the care of patients. There is also an increasing need for staff training in digital safety.

Under these proposals, information on digital clinical safety will be collected through various systems. It will collect information from systems like the Learning from Patient Safety Events Service. It will also gather data to improve the staff expansion.

The strategy is committing to capture data on the various issues related to digital and clinical safety for the first time. Hence it is consolidating various digital and clinical safety resources in one place. At the same time, it promotes how to improve digital clinical safety properly. Thus it is working with the blueprinting teams to create various best practice blueprints for the creation of digital safety.

It is also committing a new model for digital clinical safety training across the workforce of digital health. At the same time, it has a focus on various patient safety specialists, chief information officers, chief clinical information officers, wider frontline teams, and chief nursing information officers.

This program will work to accelerate the adoption of digital technology. It will help to improve the recording for medical devices that are necessary for patient care. At the same time, it will establish a new information system to collect, link and assess the outcomes of the procedures.

NHSX leaders are currently working on a new framework of assessment. It aims to improve the current digital maturity index. Also, it will improve the support trusts to digitize it more quickly.