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India is working on digital technologies for cancer care and research. For example, KCDO is set up in India. This will help cancer patients receive better care.

The National Cancer grid is a government-backed network of institutions. The goal of the institutions is to improve cancer care and research. The center has set up the Koita Centre for Digital Oncology. It is in India. The center will also promote digital tech for cancer care.

NPO Koita foundation and Tata Memorial Centre (NCG’s grantor) co-signed a memo. They aim to support the center for 5 years. The NPO also established the Koita Centre for Digital Health. It helps to propagate the idea of digital health.

850,000 people die because of cancer every year in India. Digital tools are a necessity now. This new digital wave is also a major goal of KCDO. As a result, India’s healthcare system and cancer care and research will receive huge benefits.

Dr. Rajendra Badwe is the director of the Tata Memorial Centre. He says that the move will bring together many hospitals, tech firms, and researchers. This will also generate new innovative ideas.

The center will guide and help 270 NCG partner hospitals. They will also continue to share best guides and practices to enhance digital cancer care. In addition, they will work on EMR adoption, reporting, and analytics. However, the goal is to increase the number of digital health tools.

They will continue to use more technologies. Some of them are upcoming technologies such as ML, AI, cloud computing, and automation. Big data is an important factor and tech here. The tech will also track telemedicine and RPM. This will guarantee access everywhere.

AI tools will help better assist doctors and patients. They can help the former give better care. They can help the latter to manage their health better. KCDO is planning to collaborate with research and academic institutions. It also plans to increase development and research in the field of cancer care.

KCDO and NCG are working hard to better the lives of cancer patients. The people of India can put their belief and hope in them. Digital tech can improve cancer care and research department.