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Healthy Together and the Department of Veteran Affairs partner together to help veterans. They plan to use mobile access to bring services to their fingertips.

The initial offering of mobile access helps to view and store immunization records. The veterans will get all the services in one place. This makes the service hassle-free and convenient to use. Mobile access also gives certain important freedoms to clinicians. They can remotely ensure whether their patients are healthy or not. The golden hour treatment is also easily accessible through mobile access.

Healthy Together makes use of the program from the Department of Veteran Affairs. It is the Lighthouse program. However, they use the program to access the relevant VA data. It’s done securely, as veterans connect their VA accounts to the service as well. The partnership between VA and Healthy Together is also a way to give mobile access to veterans. They can use the service to access their data in their way.

The collaboration between both organizations has a lot to offer. They will primarily provide access to vaccine records. They plan to increase access to test results, clinical vitals, and allergy records. Also, they will provide medical conditions and records of the appointments.

It is one of the highest-growing third-app tools in the app directory of the VA. The organization is currently working in Oklahoma, Florida, and Colorado. They are working in the health departments as well as the universities. They also want to share the test results and help everyone access public health benefits.

Florida’s 50 percent of households have mobile access as their medium of service now. It is the place where almost 1.5 million veterans live and prosper. However, the goal is to become simple. This improves access even for people who are new to technology. Veterans say that mobile access gets rid of the pen-and-paper system.

Both firms are doing an exceptional job of bringing mobile access to veterans. They are often neglected in society. This program and the partnership also help bring care and clinicians to your fingertips. This is the benefit of mobile access.