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Lancet report suggests prioritizing digital healthcare from an early life

The Covid pandemic has offered great acceleration to boost up the demand for digital solutions in various sectors of healthcare.

The Lancet and Financial Times Commission on governing health futures 2030: growing up in a digital world has recently placed a report. The Report is putting children and young people at the center. This is because the demographic is most likely to have better exposure to digital healthcare.
There is an immediate need to place the digital healthcare priorities towards building a strong foundation. It can benefit more if it gets built at an early age.
Acknowledging the role of digital technologies are the determinants of health at an early stage is quite crucial to reduce social and economic burden. It can further benefit in later life. The report further gave proposals for various action areas as the game-changer. It can help in shaping the future of healthcare in the digital world.
These proposals include making sure that researchers, professionals, and decision-makers are strongly valuing digital technologies. This can lead to better governance of the architecture that ensures trust in digital healthcare. It can further regulate better and powerful organizations and players.
There were proposals to approach the collection and use of data to protect the rights of individuals. Also, there is a requirement for stronger ownership and very transparent roadmaps of investment with better digital health rights.
The further integration of the digital platforms comes with the potential to offer long-term benefits of governance with digital techs. The new integration needs a drive for public purposes and not for private profit. Also, it has recommended a great push to increase the public trust for the ecosystem of digital health.
Authors at the Lancet and financial times have stated that they intend to give a wake-up call for both digital and health policymakers. Many major digital technology companies are now expanding to the health sector. Facebook, Alibaba, and Amazon have developed their mobile-based health record. The report also stated that the tech companies involved them in health systems. They will become an important part of both the network and infrastructure of healthcare.