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The Korean University records a score of 308/400 in the HIMSS Digital Health indicator. It becomes a great example of where technological advancement in health care.

Korea University Anam Hospital progressed towards a digital ecosystem. It got a high Digital Health Indicator score. Thus, placing a rank Mong the top health systems globally.

KU Anam Hospital’s 308/400 Digital Health Indicator score put its digital system above the average health system.

The hospital implemented a cloud-based hospital information system, P-HIS. This got developed by six leading hospitals in Korea and eight technology companies. It also included Samsung SDS.P-HIS has 38 distinct modules. These constitute Emergency, Outpatient, Nursing, Patient Management.

Its vision is to strengthen medical terminology. And also provide standardized clinical terminologies. It also aims to simplify data processing and enhance security.

The system recorded a decrease of about 60% in the time required for a prescription. It speeds the process of checking errors in real-time to review and correct. This leads to a 60% decrease in operational labor costs. And also 40% saving in inoperational technology costs.

The Digital Health Indicator report helped focus on digital action. It also helped enhance further digital health capabilities.

KU Anam devotes itself to developing medical services. According to Andrew Pearce, KU is introducing state-of-the-art equipment and systems. He is Vice President Analytics & Global Advisory Lead, HIMSS.

He mentioned that KU Anam takes the unique approach of collaboration. It collaborates with hospitals with technology companies.

He further stated, “We understand that almost 100 Alliance Hospitals in Korea are being onboarded to use the system. This will mean that the P-HIS benefits achieved to date by KU Anam such as reduced operational and infrastructure costs, improved security and improved data quality will be extended across the Korean health system, improving the health outcomes of more Koreans.”

Hence, the DHI measures progress towards a healthy digital ecosystem. An ideal digital ecosystem connects clinicians and provider teams. This also ensures a secure and private environment for health and wellness