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Indian doctors group approaches to Eka Care for online healthcare platform

Indian doctors group will collaborate to build up and implement a technology solution that will help to solve the daily operational problems of the physicians.

The Academy of Family Physician India is a non -profit professional academic organization. It was looking for a way to digitally transform its practices. It has signed a memorandum of understanding with another Indian Connected healthcare platform Eka Care. Also, it will help them to tap into a new start with an online healthcare platform.

The EKA Care mobile app offers doctors a unique kind of platform. This platform helps them to connect with their patients. They can further conduct teleconsultation, ad-hoc appointments, schedule automated follow-ups and manage the digital and physical visits. They can also easily create digital prescriptions and reports. This platform will let them use advanced practice analytics for making informed decisions.

This app is also storing health records for further use and track keeping. It does health assessments for the patients. Indians also have permission to download their COVID-19 vaccination certificate with the help of this app.

Eka Care currently has more than 350000 app users. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It supports 12 languages.

This agreement designates Eka Care as the most preferred technology provider for the AFPI doctor members. It helps in offering services such as health records, patient agreements, payment solutions, EMR, telemedicine, etc.

It will also help them to get the appointment listings on Google, and SEO doctors are enjoying becoming a part of the local network of this platform. The Two organizations have also agreed to build up a technology solution. It will help them to solve the daily problem of AFPI members in practice.

Eka Care is offering a 6-month complimentary trial to all its AFPI members. They will register to use this platform before the 30th of December of this year.

Royal Phillips has revealed that three-quarters of the Indian healthcare leaders are now giving priority to their shift to virtual care. They are also facing the challenges of infrastructure limitations like slow internet or connectivity issues.

The digital transformation is hiding on a third step approach. It includes the investment in AI and partnerships with healthcare providers to avail these technologies.