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EMR will serve as a major determinant for digital maturity all around the world.

Pandemic in Europe and the world helped healthcare to gain digital maturity. As a result, the topic was a part of the deep discussion at the HIMS22 Europe.

There is no doubt great development in digital healthcare. But, how do we define the measure of success? What is the level after which we can call digital maturity? David Labajo brings up a great point on the same topic.

He states,” The maturity of healthcare organizations is directly related to their capacity to capture, manage and connect patients’ data, the big benefits and outcomes from having the data consolidated and connected, and how digital health platforms can help build a more efficient data-driven healthcare which can bring benefits to all stakeholder.”

He also explains how EMR is the only way we can achieve digital maturity. First, all the qualified information must get digitalized in all available departments and systems. He defines the next step is to gather all information in one place.

This is only possible after deconstructing data houses and managing all data altogether. A data-driven and AI-run healthcare will enhance healthcare and will push it to another level.

Not only that, digital maturity will be able to achieve better risk assessment, prioritization, and personal care.

There will be a level playing field for everyone. It incorporates industries and startups. This will help in creating an evolved ecosystem. In the long run, these will promote development, better digital solutions, and integration. Digital maturity may group the data, technology, and infrastructure, but it also concerns healthcare personnel and users.

Countries all around the world are allocating resources and supporting digital maturity. As a result, there is continuous development and force of coherent strategy.

To state the survey, 30% of data in the world’s total data accounts for healthcare. But unfortunately, the data in healthcare often remain unused, and the quality slowly deteriorates. With digital EMRs, we can prevent that and efficiently use such data.