Health and Wellness Informatics News

The health ID component of the Indian Ayush Bharat Digital Mission collabs with the Docon. The collab will enhance the virtual clinic experience for patients.

Docon, an EMR platform, will help to bring the virtual clinic enhancing digital health care. The government approves the integration with Docon Technologies. It also aims to digitize healthcare practices.

It will help with the patient health record management system. This will also empower the diagnosis of patients. It will feature a type-free interface and algorithms. However, this will generate prescriptions faster.

The company offers home delivery of medicines. The partnership will also result in digital pharmacies and diagnostic providers functioning better.

The EMR Platform will be India’s first provider. It will help the country adopt ABHA. The patient can now access and create digital health records. They can also easily share the health records with the care providers. However, the digital lab reports, prescription, and diagnoses from the verified professional is a plus.

The partnership aims to create seamless connectivity. The Indian digital health ecosystem will evolve. The state-issued health IDs will also help patients reach care providers faster.

Akash Valia, Head of Docon, states, “Just as UPI (Unified Payments Interface) and online payments changed the way consumers transact, health ID-enabled Docon will change the way doctors and patients interact, providing deep patient health history and understanding to the doctors, allowing them to deliver the best patient outcome.”

The digital clinic will serve a great purpose in times of Pandemic. The EMR platform, with help from Docon, will also enrich the healthcare journey.

The government launches the ABDM in August. It is responsible for building the digital infrastructure of India’s healthcare. The digital ecosystem will feature a digital health ID doctor registry. ABDM will facilitate the Health facility registry. It will also help various healthcare to join the digital process.

The EMR platform will enable the better transfer of personal health records. Also, it will serve as the best means for electronic health records.

The NHA announces the development of UHI (Unified healthcare system). It will also serve as an open network and help with interoperability. The UHI will adopt an open protocol to deliver greater interoperability.