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The healthcare systems across the entire world are changing. Australia is soon planning to implement an electronic medication register.

A local healthcare software by the name of Modeus will handle the entire functionality.

If we believe the reports, the electronic medication will first roll out at King Edward Memorial Hospital located in Perth. The authorities are planning for gradual implementation across the WA Health system. The authorities are in a plan to implement this electronic medication in 80 hospitals and health facilities.

This system will exponentially decrease the paperwork. With an electronic medication register, hospitals can make a smooth transition from paper to e-paper. This will save a lot of time for the nurses and pharmacists. The system will quicken the time and increase the distribution by about 40%.

The system also has preventive medication practices, which will reduce errors. This will also facilitate close government monitoring and advanced security. This will ensure proper medication tracking and recording.

Another advantage remains that this electronic medication register system will integrate the entire healthcare system. This system was first presented by Modeus in 2017 to the WA hospitals. From that time till now, it has introduced many features and designs in the electronic medication register system proposal.

HS8 is the first live electronic software to be available across the entire world. HS8 is one of its kind software-based systems. And thus, this advancement is unique, new, and revolutionary.

A bigger assurance is that the system is already in use by 45 Ramsay Health Care Hospitals in Australia. Moreover, two cancer care centers are also using this electronic medication register.

This kind of system also comes in use for pharmaceutical analytics solutions across WA Health. This system helps maintain track records, dispensing, and distribution.

They provide an overview of hospitals and related services of pharmaceutical expenditures. They also keep a record of the supplies and the stock. Hence the entire process becomes very transparent and convenient.