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Identity is everything in the cloud. Making it important to make sure you control identity authentication.

The fundamental digital transformations come with challenges. Visiting Nurse Services of New York pursued technology as it moved to the cloud. This is to support an extending array of delivery services. Modernization of IT infrastructure enabled traditional home healthcare to be a data-driven future state. It also re-imagined how to smoothen healthcare providers. This was also to provide patients with new managed service offerings.

These constitute the need to manage risks and cybersecurity risks. Justin Bain calls it important to involve the security team as soon as the first draft of the created design.

He is an IT and cybersecurity officer at VNSNY. He added that security architects bring standard frameworks for digital transformations. It also brings best practices and overlay to design.

He noted that another security professional would need to perform the risk assessment. Building of solution results in plans of action and milestones.

The solution gets implemented the post-implementation review or edit gets performed. This is to ensure controls are working as expected.

He pointed out, “That way when the time comes to inject a control, it won’t be their first time hearing it, and they’ll be more susceptible to getting it right the first time around.”

“That said, it is not always possible to get in front of the business change, as sometimes security isn’t informed until it’s already in motion.”

He also explained that a good security professional must exercise what he believes. And this constitutes the most important skill: Learn. This means putting a focus on the biggest threats. It also includes pushing for controls to fight them.

For example, ransomware is the biggest threat to cybersecurity in healthcare, and phishing is the most common attack vector.

He said that you should tie your risk responses to threats. You’ll likely see the business adopt your controls. Digital transformation will serve the key importance to healthcare.