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AMA outlines the digital tools in support of behavioral health. The report discussed the set of ways to define the assistance. The stakeholders can put in place a behavioral health model.

The technology addresses behavioral health crises. Manatt Health on the American Medical Association highlights behavioral healthcare. It explores the ways virtual care and digital tools can promote integrated delivery.

Dr. Gerald Harmon, AMA President, stated, “The demand for behavioral health services is significant and rising, but so is the potential for digital technology to support the integrated delivery of physical and behavioral health services.”

The organizations worked in a diverse and distinct group to develop the report. The act of incorporation of technology into telehealth is marvelous. It could speed up the adoption of behavioral health integration(BHI). The report also noted various solutions like digital intake. Referral technology, remote patient monitoring software. These can add and enhance values to BHI. It also included specific steps to follow.

These included Physician practices and health systems, health plans, and federal policymakers. It also included working with Private or publicly traded behavioral health companies.

The role of a stakeholder is critical in making the treatment accessible and fair. Behavioral and physical health also needs a more standard practice within primary care.

Although limitations do exist for using technology within BHI. These limitations comprise the necessity of a patient-provider relationship. and it also indicates a lack of robust clinical or economic evidence.

It also includes clinical inappropriateness for some patients. And inequitable community access to connectivity or broadband. The revolution inclined towards enabling the BHI model. Also, it has the potential to speed up the BHI adoption. This is even impactful towards the use of technology. But, technology is just one side of the coin needed to drive the adoption of sustainable BHI.

Behavioral health has recently come up from the advent of telemedicine. COVID-19 brought up this specialty.

James R. Varrell mentioned telepsychiatry. He also explained that it could help to fill the gap between demand and supply. Specializing in behavioral health patients. He is Array Behavioral Care Founder and Chief Medical Officer.

He further added that establishing a link with telepsychiatry clinicians can empower providers. This would lead to full management of the health of the patient population.