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Waikato District Health Board, now known as Te Whata Ora Waikato, has planned to quit paper-based anesthesia information management methods and adopt cloud-based digital health offered by Provation.

The technology is called Provation iPro Anaesthesia system and offers iPro pre-admission testing, IntraOp, Acute Pain Management, PACU (Post-Anaesthesia Care Unit), and Analytics. It completely digitizes the process of gathering physiological data from anesthesia machines and streams patient data continuously for diagnosis.

It also offers support for EHR, PAS, pathology, and radiology systems and works with Pyxis to manage anesthesia medications. In addition, the system eliminates the possibility of a loss of healthcare records and produces a complete, compliant, and legible anesthesia record that helps improve patient care.

Te Whatu Ora Waikatu launched a contract to the open market asking for proposals to digitize peri-operative processes at the hospital. The health district caters to the healthcare needs of more than 425,000 people.

Altera Digital Health, which received this contract, aims to improve the quality of healthcare services by digitizing perioperative processes and linking anesthetic machines’ telemetry to a shared database. The company also focused on customizing the system so that it factors in “local practices and nomenclature”. Todd Haebich, who is the company’s ANZ general manager, said that this feature would amplify workflows and integrate systems efficiently in a local medical environment.

The Waikato Hospital and Thames Hospital, which run a total of 34 operating theatres and 37 PACU beds, are expected to get the systems by the start of April next year.

Waikato’s efforts reflect the larger trend of shifting towards digital health technologies. The Provation iPro system has also been adopted by Mt Gambier And Districts Health Service in South Australia and The Royal Adelaide Hospital. Hospitals in Singapore and Manila have also been quick to embrace technology.

The iPro system is online at Changi General Hospital and Sengkang General Hospital, while Singapore General Hospital and the National Heart Centre Singapore are in the process of integrating the system in their centers.