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Many leaders focus on digital health needs through digital infrastructure. Therefore, interconnectivity and interoperability are very important.

The year of the pandemic was very difficult for patients. It was more difficult for the healthcare industry managing them. Many healthcare authorities had to think of a new way to address these problems. They also planned to include digital health and its services as a major part of their solution.

Raj Kurup is the Digital Strategy Lead for Healthcare at Equinix Asia Pacific. Chad Rajapakse is the CA Lead in Health and Public Sector for Accenture Australia. They were also a part of a webinar.

Both of them believe that digital infra can meet digital health needs. David Stupple is the National ICT Director of Calvary Health Care. He also expressed the same beliefs.

CHC introduced a private cloud infrastructure. This was just before the lockdown happened. Australia had one of the harshest lockdowns. CHC’s move was a result of good management and planning. They were also able to manage the first wave easily.

Kurup said that many institutions faced a lot of problems. He said that it was not easy for them. The legacy system is the basis for these institutions. This was a roadblock to their digital innovation on digital health needs.

There are a lot of things that should go hand in hand with digital health. One of them is the interconnectivity and interoperability of a system. Kurup believes that we should abolish the “fixed siloed system”. Instead, we should adopt a “more distributed and dynamic” architecture.

The Healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing enterprises ever. After the pandemic, the industry gained more respect among the general public. So, innovation and proper connectivity can boost its growth multifold.

Many people, including Stupple, believe that remote monitoring is a dream. But this is not the reality. Instead, there has been significant growth in IoT and Bluetooth devices. So, the idea of digital health needs is possible through good digital infrastructure.