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There is a strong migration towards digital maturity. Open access to data can help with decisions. Interoperability is a big challenge. Hyland Healthcare has shown promise in this regard.

The world is undergoing a strong digital transformation. Our important information is now mostly online. Similarly, the healthcare system is also shifting its operations to the virtual world. The unhindered access to patient data can also help clinical institutions make better decisions. This can lead to digital maturity among the common man.

However, patients can get care in a much better way using the available data. But unstructured data and its management is a significant interoperability problem. Data maturity also comes at a price. The best minds should work hard to find a solution.

Many recent studies have highlighted this in their research. Bali recently hosted the HIMSS22 Asia-Pacific Conference. Hyland Healthcare, a leader in this field for almost 12 years, came forward. The company is also set to showcase enterprise content services and medical imaging platforms. However, the company plans to show how it can use the platform to connect unstructured data.

HIMSS is planning to offer different maturity models. They have levels from 0 to 7. They will also provide some steps to help an institution adopt and build a digital system. Level 7 is the highest. Healthcare companies want to reach EMRAM. It is the highest level of digital presence.

Only 5 percent got the EMRAM level. The remaining 82 percent did not cross even level 0. Andrew Pearce is the HIMSS VP. He also serves on the Analytics and Global Advisory Board. He said that organizations with a level 6 or 7 reported major improvements.

The Parkville Precinct hospitals in Melbourne, Australia, got the EMRAM levels 6 and 7. Royal Children’s Hospital got the highest level for Outpatient-EMRAM. These healthcare institutions are also the leading ones in Australia. The rest of them are in level 1, and some are still struggling.

Interoperability is a major struggle for healthcare institutions around the world. Hyland Healthcare is also doing a great job by setting up a booth at the HIMSS22 APAC trade event. This is necessary for the betterment of services.