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A pre-hab surgery program for local health network. It will help in reducing surgical complications.

My Prehab, developed by the Central Adelaide Local network, is going to call for a digital evolutionary program. The program is in collaboration with Health Transition SA. It is a hospital research foundation and health tech company dedicated to Personify Care.

The media release clarifies the comprehensive yet health screening questionnaire. The digital surgery program is full-proof and personalized. The patients will be able to discuss the GP as part preparation of for digital surgery. Patients up for referral will also focus on the self-screen and also manageable risk factors.

There will be a deliberate discussion on smoking, weight, and a study on poor nutrition. The Frailty will concern the personalized guide for all the information. The risk factors also concern the optimization of health before surgery. The conducted theory will also focus on the point referrals and patient optimization therapy before surgery.

My PreHab will focus on waiting time in the region with the point of referral and first appointment. The patients can actively make use of this time to bring changes in their lifestyle for fit surgery.

The program will be delivering the digital pathways. It will also focus on the self-screen for managing all risk factors. The active investigation portion for the opportunity for better digital surgery. The program will help the patients get accountable to effective GPs and patients. The flow between patients and time access for effective information.

Jane Andrews, CALHN Surgical Lead, focused on the five patients’ experiences. It also focuses on the elderly in cooperation to offer effective health outcomes. The two time longer hospital stays. It will be centering on readmission. It is also directed toward the health cost. My PreHab will help in reducing complications. However, it will focus on the surgeries as per the health network.

Andrews even gave a statement explaining, “With health services managing ever more complex patients with long waits between referrals, appointments and then surgery, it’s imperative for projects like this to explore what’s possible to improve outcomes without placing an additional burden on the acute care system…”