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Bahrain is about to launch its national digital platform for the health facilities

Every health facility in Bahrain will have a dedicated page on its platform. It will allow them to track the applications, license validity, reports, and any kind of violations.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is now all set to launch its national digital platform. It is aiming to serve the health facilities which emerged in the country. The online hub of the country will be accessible with the It will fall under the National Health Regulatory Authority of the county, which will come forth later this year.

The system includes many services. The services include the licensing of a new facility or the branch. Also, it is focusing on changing the classification for the facility, transferring the ownership. Adding of new service and the changing of address, name, etc. also it will take note of the closing of facilities for one of the branches of the healthcare organizations.

The WHO had opened its 152nd office in Manama. Bahrain has also become the first capital in the Middle East, having the name of “Health City.”

According to NHRA, all the health facilities in Bahrain will have a dedicated page on their platform. It will allow them to track all the applications, reports, and violations in the locations. The page also includes the validity of the information for all the employee licenses. Also, it will include information about medical devices.

The electronic shift it’s aiming to develop the quality and the efficiency of the services. It will also streamline the procedures and will facilitate access to the services.

The digital transformation of the Kingdom is part of the Bahrain Economic Vision 2030. The country first unveiled this initiative in 2008. The country is among those who are having the highest E-Government Development Index values as per the report of 2020. However, it is ranking ahead of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but it is still behind the United Arab Emirates.