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HL7 and CodeX with FHIR are working to enable automation. The automation will be between the payer and the provider. This also increases access to radiation treatment in cancer care and oncology.

Evernorth is the health services arm of Cigna. Varian is an important part of Siemens Healthineers. Both of them are collaborating. The goal is also to use FHIR to better interoperability and standardization in oncology.

Health system-to-payer systems are very efficient. CodeX collaborators are using these systems. The system will also reportedly reduce costs by a big margin. In addition, through this system, patients can get faster radiation treatment.

There are many phases of the codex oncology pilot. The first phase is set to make and test the exchange of information. The information between the payer and provider will have prior authorization. This will also put to use the data of breast cancer and prostate cancer patients.

The second phase will test the work of mCODE in the real world. Many health organizations working in oncology are using these systems. The mCODE will also undergo its first test in the U.S. Oncology Network. The main goal is to provide patients with quicker treatments.

Information sharing is a tough and complicated process. Many institutions describe it as endemic. Information sharing also needs you to transfer a set of data from point A to B. Both A and B have different databases and UI. It’s done to receive quick results.

Health Level 7 International came out with FHIR. This also helped us to get better data easily. APIs became handy for healthcare interoperability. However, this made the job way easier and safe.

Integrating the mCODE language is an important milestone. CodeX projects can get approvals for authorization. This will help them support better cancer care. The care will also be more efficient and faster. Codex team workspace conveyed this.

Dr. Eric Gratias is an oncologist. The doctor mentioned that the main aim is to better communication between systems. This is high time we work on this. It is also necessary to provide care faster to get outcomes faster.