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Alcidion will help the Australian defense forces to develop new health records technologies. They are collaborating with Leidos to provide digital healthcare technologies to ADF.

The government sanctioned a $6 million amount for the project. Alcidion is a healthcare informatics company based in Australia. They develop digital solutions for the healthcare industry. The company has been in the industry since 2000 and now has become a trusted brand. Australian Defence Force announced the contract to Melbourne-based Alcidion to build a health records evaluation technology.

Alcidion says in its statement that they are partnering with Leidos to develop healthcare technology for ADF. They have received an A$8.4 million ($6 million) contract from the ADF. The project is to deploy the health analytics platform Miya Precision in 57 months to more ADF settings. Furthermore, to incorporate ADF’s Strategic and Deployed Aeromedical Evacuation settings.

It will also provide Assessment modules and Miya Observations. These both are over existing Miya Precision modules that the defense agencies are using currently. Now the license of the technology is with ADF for Tactical Aeromedical Evacuation and Strategic Aeromedical Evacuation.

Furthermore, Alcidion will provide the necessary support and instruction to opt for the technology smoothly. Along with the maintenance services, they will ensure the successful delivery of the health records technologies.

With the Miya Precision technology at ADF, they can access health records in the situation of need. The program will make sure to share critical information with the defense and its allies for the treatment of its members. This will also help the defense to improve the life expectancy of their soldiers.

Companies like Leidos, Coviu, MediRecords, Alcidion, and Nous Group are working together to provide useful tech to the government. Last year they got a A$330 million ($220 million) contract to develop various digital technologies for ADF.

Now Alcidion is trying to sum up all the technologies in a single longitudinal view. The main to provide all the health records from one single platform. It will also considerably uplift the defense strength of Australia.