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ADHA and HL7 are collaborating. They plan to develop better standards and bring in FHIR. The goal is to increase interoperability among healthcare systems.

The Australian Digital Health Agency is collaborating again. This time with Health Level Seven Australia. However, the aim is to put in place digital health standards all over Australia. This collaboration brings in FHIR.

FHIR stands for Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources. It is a community in Australia. Both firms signed a memorandum. They also aim to improve connectivity across the Australian healthcare system.

They also want to support the standards community. It can also help in growing in size and increasing expertise. It can also communicate requirements for various reasons. Its main use case is nationwide acceptance in health care.

They are willing to assist healthcare workers. They are also going to provide training, education and other activities. It will help workers to improve their understanding. This will also use new standards and methods.

Amanda Cattermole is the CEO of ADHA. She mentioned that digital health standards are very important. It enables interoperability in the healthcare system. She stresses that these standards are valuable. They also help in the seamless flow of information.

This explains ADHA’s collaboration with HL7. It is for the betterment of the healthcare system. This requires that digital health standards are robust, available, and efficient. This also helps the information to move through the system.

The partnership is the beginning of a new era. This era will enable a seamless flow of information among varied healthcare systems. Australia’s governance and open processes will also dictate this.

The National Healthcare Interoperability Plan is under development. The ADHA is developing it. Also, the vision is a connected healthcare system in the next 5 years. The work on the consensus started in 2019.

ADHA is expecting to showcase these interoperability standards. It also expects some regions to show this. South Western Sydney Primary Health Network is an example. It has connected 70 sites via dbMotion. It plans to add 40 more sites. The network will show a clearer picture by yearend.