Health and Wellness Informatics News

The ACT Government is all set to invest $35 million more for the digital health record and more briefs.

The ACT government expected to invest more than $30M this year. It will invest in the complete implementation of one state-wide digital health record.

It comes over the top of the A$151 M funding offered under this project’s 2018-2019 budget. Epic, the EMR provider in America, across the community health centers and public hospitals in Canberra, will deliver this.

As per ACT Health, the digital health record will allow a real-time view of information. It will also offer access to historical information.

If compared with the My Health Record system of the federal government, the digital health record of ACT will prove to be more detailed. However, it will become a record of every interaction between the ACT public health system and the Canberran citizen.

The Latrobe Community Health Service based in Gippsland is all set to adopt the MasterCare EMR solutions by Global Health, the ASX-listed healthcare software provider.

Global Health is going to offer its Data Warehouse, MasterCare EMR, MasterCare Connect, ReferralNet messaging app, and e-switch integration. The MasterCare solutions will allow the community health service to improve the continuity of care over the multi-disciplinary service teams, enhance patient outcomes via automated workflows, make improved decisions, and enhance coordination across their services.

The Western Australia Government launched an online portal to access resources for planning advanced care. The website consists of an enhanced care planning guide for customers and health experts. It also contains a guide for completing their AHD or Advance Health Directive and other content online.

AHD is a legal document signed by people. It will allow them to record treatments in case they become unable to communicate decisions as such by themselves.

Being one of the most advanced care planning documents, it also enables Western Australians to record and shares their decisions and preferences. Other documents include the Enduring Powers of Guardianship and the Values and Preferences form.