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Aurora Health warns its patients about a potential tracking breach. They are investigating the matter. At least 3 million patients can get affected.

Aurora Health has reportedly come under a potential tracking breach. This can be a pixel tracking breach. Meta and its CEO, Mark Zuckerburg, were in the limelight because of this violation. The firm has its centers located in prime locations in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Advocate Aurora Health informed their patients about a potential tracking breach. They said that it is due to a pixel tracking system. This is usually installed in online patient portals and mobile apps. They have told their users and patients to exert caution while using their services.

The firm posted a notice on its website. The notice says that the firm has listed down many third-party vendors. They had to track and evaluate their patient’s preferences and trends. This is mostly done with small pieces of code. These pieces of code are pixels. They were on some websites and apps.

The firm said that potential tracking pixels were available from other sources. They were in the firm’s portals and apps as well. Also, they transferred some user information to third-party vendors. They provided pixel technology in the first place.

The data breach can have many types of information included in it. It can get your IP address, communications, name, and more things. But other important data factors such as financials did not get affected. This tells us that the potential tracking breach happened on a small scale. But it could have been bigger and more dangerous.

Advocate Aurora Health has taken strict action in this case. They have disabled many and removed some of the pixels involved. They have also undertaken an internal investigation into this incident. The firm will try to pinpoint the source of the error and repair it. They also hope to know what type of data got lost.

The numbers suggest that almost 3 million patients can get affected. This is a big number. The data breach could have acted differently on different people. It depends on the location they live in, the browser they use, and other factors.