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Ransomware attacks are on the rise on holidays and weekends. Healthcare firms are trying their best to protect themselves. Cybereason is bringing better plans to deal with them.

Teams deployed for healthcare security can make use of incident response plans. These plans come in handy when there are ransomware attacks. Cybereason also believes in the effectiveness of incident response plans. The firm is a provider of predictive prevention, detection, and response tools.

Ransomware attacks are the most intense during holidays and weekends. The attackers use the leniency on holidays to their benefit. They never go on holiday. For them, holidays are working days. Reduced staff and a lack of backup plans have led to more losses.

The annual and global study came to life last year. The study looks into the cyberattacks that occur on holidays and weekends. They try to find out their frequency and impact on the firms they are attacking. They also enquired with many cybersecurity teams across the world about ransomware attacks.

Ransomware attacks are the most frequent type of attack, as per the teams. They occur 49 percent of the time. Next comes supply chain attacks and targeted attacks. They occur 46 percent and 31 percent of the time, as per the teams. This shows that the attackers are the most active during the holidays.

There are lots of vulnerabilities in the healthcare system. The data of patients is valuable. But there are not enough measures to safeguard them. Cybercriminals are an expert in finding out these weak points. They also made use of the pandemic to launch an army of attacks. Hospitals and firms received a huge number of ransomware attacks during the pandemic.

Some of them promised to stop the attacks. But they again started their daily routine. Healthcare firms are trying their best to stop ransomware attacks. They make use of a multilayered security approach. Some firms are using artificial intelligence to help safeguard their businesses. The cybersecurity teams are experiencing burnout because of these attacks. We need a better protection system.