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Information security is a genuine problem for all of us. So, we need to put collective efforts into boosting cyber preparedness.

The Public Health Sector Coordinating Council’s executive director Greg Garcia confronted people. He asked the audience to share their problem. He went into detail about cyber attacks.

Healthcare lacks collaboration, and managing cybersecurity risks is becoming difficult. Over 4,500 data breaches took place. It is also affecting 315 million records of the patient. So, by now, the healthcare sector must know what the real problem is.

Ransomware has resulted in clinical operation disruption. Aging medical gadgets are no longer supportable and are resulting in cyber problems. 3rd-party, vendors and service providers are vectors to the attacks in the healthcare sector. The clinical workforce also needs to acknowledge and become a part of cybersecurity solutions.

He was all set to talk about several solutions in the 2-day cybersecurity conference. The objective was to focus on the operational, tactical, and larger strategic solution- collaboration.

We need to take collective responsibility for solving this problem. The critical infrastructure operators need to put in collective efforts. This will also help them identify and mitigate systematic threats. HSCC is serving the critical sectors for addressing problems such as cyberattacks.

In the ecosystem of healthcare, each node is vulnerable to cyber attacks. Critical infrastructure has created numerous resources. These resources are also available for free in the industry and are imperative. It is essential to invest in all of these. We need collective responsibility in making use of the HSCC resources and tool kits.

A white paper on AI apps and cyber risks in the healthcare sector will release soon. The HSCC will launch the Legacy Medical Device Cybersecurity Management Guide in the coming month. Also, there is a need for a cross-sector strategy for strengthening cybersecurity in medical equipment.

It is already high time. We need to make collective decisions to stand strong in front of the attacks in the healthcare sector.