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The reports on the Ukraine invasion. The AHA is raising concerns for the healthcare industry and cybersecurity.

The American Hospital Association raises concerns about the damaging of health systems. They believe that the health systems may experience collateral damage or get targeted.

The association is getting cautious about Russia retaliating against the United States. Russia might take this opportunity to further its interest.

John Riggi remains in close coordination with the FBI, CISA. And also the Department of Health and Human Services. He is the association’s national advisor for cybersecurity and risk. He was also the former senior executive in the FBI’s cyber division.

These services work for related threats which pose a risk to US healthcare. The Russian government issued warnings of “strong” and “painful” responses against Biden’s sanctions. Russia said this would lead them to target sensitive U.S. assets. Russia did not go in deep about those responses. But AHA noted that Russia used disruptive cyberattacks against Ukraine.

The association raises concern for three specific sectors for the field. Hospitals and health systems are to be the target for Russian-sponsored cyber actors. Hospitals and health systems also may become incidental victims of destructive ransomware. A cyberattack could disrupt hospitals’ critical mission service providers.

The different mitigation techniques also include Increasing network monitoring for strange traffic and heightening staff awareness of malware-laden phishing emails.

Implementing geo-fencing and Identification of all internal and third-party mission-critical clinical. The help may come from operational services may also help. Putting into place business continuity plans and downtime procedures. It may have a bigger impact. Documenting, updating, and practicing a cyber-incident response plan also have an influence.

National security experts and federal legislators also warned about upcoming Russian cyberthreats. Sen. Mark Warner, D-Virginia stated in the Washington Post. The country will target the weaker links in NATO.

Warner further stated, “Phase one is spillover Russian attacks against Ukraine, phase two would be Russian and cyber criminal’s attacks against the West or NATO nations that have the least amount of cyber defenses.”