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The U.S. The Department of Health and Human Services (HSS) raised its concerns for patients’ privacy and safety.

CRM-providing companies like Google and Meta Pixel collect sensitive information on analytical bases. Many companies also use online tracking tools that catch the authorities’ eyes. HSS addressing the obligations on the privacy and security policy breach, released new guidelines.

The tracking tools are collecting patients’ data raising a new obstacle in the path of healthcare technologies. By taking into account the many lawsuits and security breaches, HSS considered the matter.

In the new press release, HSS told how online tracking tools like Meta Pixel and Google Analytics collect sensitive patient information. They also analyze the behavior of users and how they interact with healthcare facilities using devices.

The guidelines released by HSS provide great insight into online tracking through websites, mobile apps, and other devices. However, the goal is to stop the informational threats in the health sector, which has often proven fatal.

HSS does not permit regulated authorities to use tracking tools to collect and analyze Electronically protected health information (ePHI). The authorities also released a guideline for online tracking technologies and respective authorities.

The guidelines clearly stated the limits to which tracking tools can collect data. It also sets the terms when the organizations will need HIPAA-compliant authorizations.

The HSS authorities say charging the tracking companies or asking them to clear all the information is the solution. They also asked the providers, users, healthcare facilities, and other facilities under HSS to use the technologies by considering the risks. However, the only way to be aware of your virtual property and its theft risks.

The statement released by HSS gives a brief about how to protect yourself from tracking technologies. All and all, the officials also add some restrictions on the online tracking tools and provide necessary awareness to the users.