One thing we must tell you is that while the world is trying to be as inclusive for everyone as possible, it is not exactly doing that thanks to some of the startups that are offering their services to some people and not to everyone. On the one hand, we say that transgender people should be treated equally as everyone and then there are startups that give healthcare only to normal people and those that only provide services to trans people then that creates a divide in the society which we are already trying to fight. Expectedly, Plume which is a startup providing healthcare for trans people is laying off a lot of workers and it seems like things are not going well for the company.

In a report, it is revealed that the company says “it isn’t pulling back its offerings. Today, the startup’s website promotes a monthly membership for trans folks seeking hormone therapy, as well as a one-time fee for letters of support requested by insurers and surgeons. Down the line, it seems like Plume will expand to offer other services for a one-time fee. they heard about the layoffs from former colleagues. The “writing was on the wall” this summer, the source said. “They definitely squeezed people out early by creating a pretty toxic work environment for myself and other trans folks,” the source added. “It was all a really disappointing experience.”

The company says that it “strives to be a thriving, supportive workplace and we celebrate diversity.” They added that a co-founder of Plume is trans, and “approximately 70 percent of the team is trans or gender diverse, and reflective of the members we serve.” Plume co-founder Jerrica Kirkley said in August that the startup has worked with 13,000 patients across 45 states since 2019. However, a spokesperson did confirm that Plume laid off a portion of its staff. The spokesperson said the layoffs were part of a decision to accelerate the “build-out” of its “fee-for-service business, which will make gender-affirming care more accessible and affordable to the majority of the trans community.”