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A study based out of Sydney will test the impact of AI on clinical decision making. For example, the AI tool will look into chest x-rays. It aims to provide better, quicker decisions.

A new study will measure the impact of Artificial Intelligence on clinical decision making. The analysis works through a big project. The name is the Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre project. The project will also study how this solution can help with management and decision-making.

Sydney is the epicenter of this study. Macquarie University and a startup,, lead this study. Sydney Local Health District plays a major role here. Annalise Enterprise CXR solution will be the focus of this study. They also have to see whether this tool can deliver correct interpretations. The tool will look into chest x-rays.

The study must compare the interpretations from the current practice and the tool. In addition, they must look into the accuracy of diagnosis and cognitive load. The management of the patient’s health and records is also a significant testing ground for the tool. The tool can detect 124 findings and even locate them on a chest x-ray.

DHCRC points out an interesting fact. He says that AI can help doctors and clinicians. For example, it can make better decisions with the help of neural networks. But research on this topic is scarce. He also mentions that we don’t know about its benefits as of now.

Farah Magrabi is a professor at the Australian Institute of Health Innovation. Macquarie University hosts this center of research. The professor clarifies that these AI tools can help deliver quick decisions. This is also beneficial for radiologists as they need to deliver reports.

Michael Dinh is the founder and director of Green Light Institute for Emergency Care. He says that these findings and tools can help deliver better outcomes for patients. Dr. Mark Phillips is’s head of Clinical Research and Medical Affairs. He says,” Chest x-ray remains a core medical imaging diagnostic tool.” He also stressed better decisions that are time-approved