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Epic launched a new program. The program aims to expand clinical trials for patients. The Life Sciences program can help with life-changing therapies.

Epic has launched its new life sciences program. It also wants to access and expand more clinical trials. They will cover more patients. This is how patients and providers connect. Matchmaking also aims to bring in more research.

Epic said that current systems are not up to date. This old system also makes the patients and providers do more hard work. It is time-consuming, Epic believes. To counter this, a new data-driven program is being tested by Epic.

The new program focuses on clinical trials and their matching. The secondary goal of the program is to increase recruitment. It also aims to increase the efficiency of therapies as well. However, there is a cosmos database available as well.

The clinicians and other medical personnel who sign in can use this cosmos database. They can search this database and validate the trials. Epic also says that they want to automate data flow. They also wish to eliminate duplicate workflow systems. This makes the whole program clean and clear.

Alan Hutchison is the Vice President at Epic. He also says that they want to unify clinical research and delivery of care. This forges a direct connection with the sponsors of the study. This makes new therapies more accessible.

More than 100,000 studies are being conducted. It involves more than 4.7 million patients. The program gives point-of-care insights. However, this makes the patient have access to clinical trials and receive care in the best way possible.

Cosmos is the database behind the Life Sciences program. Dr. Jackie Gerhart is a physician who works at Epic. He also said that the cosmos contains 140 million patient records. It also has 2.2 billion visits from clinicians. Physicians can participate in giving data. The data is a form of contribution.

Seth Howard from Epic announced the program. He said that patients should get therapies that can change their life. It is also important to improve the system of the clinical trial. He said that this is the shared goal of the program.