Beilinson Hospital, located in Petah Tikva, Israel, has inaugurated a state-of-the-art virtual medical center, responding to a significant surge in the demand for telehealth services in the country. The innovative service, named Beilinson NEXT, aims to provide comprehensive medical care remotely, ensuring accessibility for patients across Israel.

The introduction of Beilinson NEXT comes in the wake of a 25 percent increase in the need for remote health services since the October 7 mass terror attack, which precipitated the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The turmoil has necessitated a reevaluation of healthcare delivery methods, prompting Beilinson Hospital to expand its telehealth capabilities.

Dr. Eitan Wirtheim, CEO of Beilinson Hospital, highlighted the critical role of remote medical services during these challenging times. “The war has made us rethink how medical care is delivered to our patients and increasingly, there is a need for remote medical services,” Dr. Wirtheim stated. He emphasized that the hospital’s primary objective remains providing top-tier medical and patient care, now facilitated through accessible virtual platforms.

Beilinson NEXT is a pivotal component of the Rabin Medical Center, which also includes Hasharon Hospital. Both institutions operate under the auspices of Clalit, one of Israel’s largest health maintenance organizations. The virtual service is accessible to all Israelis who obtain the appropriate referral, regardless of their HMO affiliation, and is provided at no additional cost.

The new service ensures that patients can receive expert medical consultations without the need to travel, offering a significant advantage for those living in remote areas or unable to take time off work. “Through Beilinson NEXT, we can treat someone who lives in the North or the South and would otherwise have to think about taking time off from work to see our specialists. We can now treat them while they are sitting at their kitchen table or their desk at work,” Dr. Wirtheim explained.

This virtual initiative aligns with global trends in healthcare, where telemedicine has become increasingly integral, particularly in response to crises and during the COVID-19 pandemic. By leveraging advanced technology, Beilinson Hospital ensures continuous, high-quality medical care, addressing the growing preference for convenience and safety among patients.