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Patients can now access the AR dogs and other integrated features while waiting for their appointments.

The UCHealth app will provide a personal AR experience to decrease anxiety and spread joy among patients. AR technology is improving and will serve various purposes in the future.

UCHealth is a healthcare system headquartered in Aurora, Colorado, with many hospitals and facilities under its care. The organization launched its first AR experience integrated with its app. The technology is free to use, and any user can access it by login on to UCHealth App.

The Augmented Reality system is a new technology integrated with healthcare services. It also helps to give the patient distraction therapy and spreads joy among them and their caregivers.

According to the UCHealth health system, 9000 users have clicked on the feature since it went live. The developers also encrypt the feature with dog-simulating software. Users can see a personal pet on the screen, give him a name, and also some basic commands.

The VR dog can play with you; the user can throw a ball and ask the dog to pick it up. The app also includes many other features with AR in the spotlight.

According to the Senior director of experience and innovation at UCHealth, the first and foremost purpose of the technology is to put a smile on the patient’s faces. Research suggests the use of technology reduces stress and lower blood pressure.

Developers said they would introduce a new feature in the next few months. The users will no longer need to close the AR to message or do other tasks on the application. The organization wants to develop an app to decrease blood pressure and anxiety and monitor the user’s mental state using advanced technologies.

AR is also found useful in mental therapy sessions as a companion to the patient. UCHealth is looking deep and trying to harness AR to the best of its abilities in the healthcare sector.