Paris-based robotics entrepreneur Alexandre Boulanger, renowned for his work in self-balancing exoskeletons at Wandercraft, is now leading a new frontier in wearable technology. Leading the charge at Metyos, Boulanger and his co-founder, CTO Olga Chashchina, are spearheading the development of an arm-worn patch aimed at monitoring chronic kidney disease (CKD).

The impetus behind Metyos comes from a convergence of factors: the burgeoning interest in biowearables, the escalating costs of healthcare provision, and the imperative to devise smarter solutions for managing chronic diseases. Leveraging expertise in biosensors, particularly in real-time sensing technology, Boulanger and Chashchina aim to create a semi-invasive device capable of detecting chemical changes in fluids just beneath the skin, crucial for tracking biomarkers associated with CKD.

The startup\’s ambition is to offer a comprehensive remote treatment management package for patients, enabling doctors to remotely identify warning signs of renal failure and hyperkalemia. By empowering patients with real-time data and personalized recommendations through a smartphone app, Metyos seeks to enhance patient engagement and understanding of CKD, fostering a proactive approach to self-care.

Metyos\’ biowearable operates by monitoring ions and minerals in the bloodstream, transmitting data via Bluetooth to a secure cloud server accessible to healthcare professionals. With a prototype already developed and bench tests conducted, the startup recently secured €2.3 million (~$2.5 million) in a pre-seed funding round led by prominent investors including Cenitz, Bpifrance, and KIMA Ventures.

Metyos also plans to seek approval by the end of 2025 before bringing their technology to market. The initial target markets include Europe, particularly France, and the United States, where reimbursements for remote patient monitoring are either established or evolving.

The basis of Metyos traces back to personal experiences: Boulanger\’s interest in nutrition and biochemistry tracking, combined with Chashchina\’s firsthand encounter with chronic health conditions, inspired the duo to embark on their biowearable venture. By prioritizing user needs and collaborating closely with healthcare professionals, Metyos aims to address the pressing demand for remote biological monitoring in CKD patients.

With over 800 million CKD patients worldwide, Metyos is all set to make a significant impact in disease management. While competition in the biowearable space is intensifying, Metyos distinguishes itself by its laser focus on CKD monitoring, offering a compelling solution poised to transform the landscape of chronic disease management.