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In an unprecedented move, a Metaverse clinic is to be set up. This will be at the university hospital of Chosun University in South Korea. This has garnered worldwide attention.

Located in the southwestern city of Gwangju, Chosun University has joined hands with Deltoid to establish a Metaverse clinic. This is a well-known corporate conglomerate and a digital healthcare organization in South Korea. Patients in this virtual clinic can avail themselves of virtual medical treatment and consultancy services. Adding a tinge of the social media essence, patients here can interact with each other using various avatars.

This clinic is being set up with the view of engaging and drawing both local and overseas patients. Much new-age treatment and diagnosis techniques will also be deployed. Furthermore, giving an educational boost to this effort, interesting academic programs will be offered. This will be in collaboration with renowned medical professionals and experts. No restriction of time or space would exist, as in the real world.

Promoting global partnerships, healthcare service providers, professionals, and vendors from around the world contribute to this venture. Many countries in Asia have already made their move in this direction. Earlier this year, Yashoda Hospitals from India made its debut in the Metaverse. In addition, GOQii, an Indian fitness company, raised $10 million to finance and develop a sustainable, ubiquitous Metaverse Clinic.

Many countries have and are still bearing the brunt of the post-Covid era. South Korea is no stranger to this. As a by-product of this, most services became less in-person and more virtual in nature. This has reduced the hassle, time, and money spent.

This project has been undertaken in response to the adverse repercussions of the pandemic. This will pioneer a three-dimensional Metaverse clinic. Additionally, it will help resuscitate medical tourism in Gwangju with the help of Virtual reality and Augmented reality.