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Data driven healthcare has the potential to transform patient outcomes. It will help to prepare for the healthcare challenges of the future, according to Ahmed Elhusseiny.

Ahmed Elhusseiny is the Area Head of APAC at Roche Pharma. He has explained how he thinks data strategies and digital technologies are essential. It will also give the healthcare system the potential to cope with the epidemic of the aging population. Also, it will combat the rising incidences of non-communicable diseases.

Ahmed understands the potential to leverage technology and data. It will also enhance the outcome for the patients. Also, it will make the health systems powerful and make things sustainable and resilient. The correct and effective utilization of health data will create the best opportunities. It will make the healthcare system more personalized. And it will enhance the sustainability and quality at every stage of the journey of the patient. Right from detection up to diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment, it will take care of everything. Also, health data can create new opportunities to intervene early to prevent disease.

The data driven healthcare will tackle the increasing demand and rising pressure that the sector faces. However, the healthcare system is not ready to realize this particular capability. The stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem also need to work together. Together can make sure that the systems are ready for the coming change.

Collaboration and partnership are the main keys that will make things successful. Everything depends on the ecosystem as it is the only thing that can enable new things.

Enhanced cross-border data flow is a great opportunity for health data. However, it comes with several challenges. Security and privacy have become the highest priority. Aldo, data transfer, and acquisition are essential.

A lot of technologies exist at present. And more things are going to come. The main challenge is how to develop those systems. Also, we need to cooperate to bring the best while using the best.