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Gaudenzia, one of the biggest drug and alcohol recovery centers, is now dealing with patients with advanced Conversational AI.

The use of AI shows enhanced results and decreases the burden of lacking staff from the organization. According to Andrew Schmitt (Director of outpatient services at Gaudenzia), they were facing staff shortages after the event of Covid-19. However, traditional methods of examining patients are now becoming hindrances to optimal treatment due to a lack of time.

Taking advantage of modern technologies, Gaudenzia decided to make use of Conversational AI. Artificial Intelligence is now dealing with the staff shortage. They also help monitor patients’ data, analyze it, and form unparalleled suggestions that give the therapist more focused time with individual clients.

We all know the increasing abuse of drugs and alcohol in our society has worsened post covid. Healthcare Organizations like Gaudenzia are now under tremendous pressure due to this sudden increase in patient rates.

But this also has allowed us to update and uplift the outdated system of treatment and welcome the new era of artificial intelligence. Gaudenzia has also done the same with the combined help of Eleos.

Appropriate technologies can deal with the problems related to repetitive processes like collecting data and even advanced analysis. This endeavor also saves humans a lot of precious time, which leads saves many precious lives from destruction.

The average time of a session with a patient was 10 minutes per session. Now, Schmitt reported after the implication of Conversational AI, it is drastically reduced to 3.2 minutes per session. The AI also helps to visualize every expectation of patient treatment in one picture, making it considerably easier to treat a patient.

Gaudenzia is now training its staff with appropriate skills to fully harness the great potential of AI. The vision is to create an integrated system of well-trained counselors able to interact with AI and bring out optimum results.