ImpriMed is a precision medicine startup that treats dogs and cats with cancer and accurately suggests them the best treatment with the help of AI. Looking at the success it is having, ImpriMed is now looking to bring the same AI technology to human oncology as well. Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Sungwon Lim said in an interview with TechCrunch, “The ex-vivo live-cell technologies we developed for canine blood cancers are well-applied to the majority of types of human blood cancer as well as feline blood cancers. Also, the proven know-how acquired from developing AI algorithms in veterinary oncology streamlines the building of new predictive models in human oncology. The veterinary-to-human expansion is happening now at ImpriMed and will result in commercialization in one to two years.”

He added, “People who are suffering from cancer and desperately need treatment right now don’t have time to wait over 10 years for a new drug. Of course, it is essential to continue searching for new, better therapeutic options, but new drug development should not be the only way to improve cancer care.” The CEO also said “We currently offer this contract research organization service for canine lymphoma and aim to commercialize the service for human acute myeloid leukemia and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma before the end of 2024,”

Lim also talked about the challenges that ImpriMed is trying to face and added that “Each cancer patient has a different response to drugs, [even with standard chemotherapy protocol CHOP]; each lymphoma patient responds differently”. “Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, its [AI-powered personalized] technology not only increases the chances of successful treatment but can potentially reduce unnecessary costs and side effects from less effective treatments.”

ImpriMed says it helped more than 5,000 dogs with lymphoma with its services and collected “real-world clinical outcome follow-up data from more than half of those patients.” Also, the company claims that “Our recent study demonstrates that ImpriMed’s AI correctly identifies effective lymphoma drugs for individual dogs with relapsed B-cell lymphoma, leading to a 4-fold higher complete response rate and a median survival time 3-fold longer than for those who received treatments that didn’t align with ImpriMed’s predictions, significantly improving treatment outcomes”.