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White House recently released a new AI Bill of Rights. The goal of this guide is to induce the proper use of data in AI and other applications.

The White House Office recently mentioned its guide for protecting people from AI. The guide aims to protect people from the negative side of data and AI. It explains its expectations from the Blueprint of the AI Bill of Rights.

The AI Bill of Rights is a guide but acts like a system of rules and regulations. It protects the general public from any threats. The bill reinforces basic rights and liberties. Many things are there in the guide, including social services and public safety. But healthcare AI came out first in importance.

White House, in his statement, said that these AI tools should propel us forward. But they do the opposite sometimes. They hinder us from using the full potential of several critical resources. The AI Bill of Rights helps protect us from these flaws. The guide-cum-handbook came to life because of researchers and professionals.

The guide has many steps that one should follow to achieve the goal. The first one is safe and effective systems. The second one is algorithmic discrimination protection. The third and probably, the most important one is data privacy. The fourth one is notice and explanation. The fifth one is fallback and consideration.

AI tools in healthcare are revolutionary. But they can be feeble as well. They can induce bias within the system. This can lead to some disastrous effects in the long run. That is why recently, there have been efforts to increase evidence-based development.

Many people believe that this bill can strangle development. But IBM said that they would invest $20 million in AI and quantum computing, among other things. Mr. Biden complimented this move. He also said that Hudson Valley is now the new focus for quantum computing.

The White House said that our data is often misused. We give away our data for some good use, but it ends up getting misused. We should stop this by adopting the correct measures. The AI Bill of Rights means to do this exactly.